Nestled between the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the South Atlantic Oceans, South America is the wilder of the Americas, and a continent of superlatives.

The world’s biggest rainforest and the largest river (Amazon), the highest mountain range outside Asia (the Andes), remote islands (Galapagos Islands, Easter Island and Fernando de Noronha), heavenly beaches (such as in Brazil’s Northeastern region), wide deserts (Atacama), icy landscapes (Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego), the world’s tallest waterfall (the 979m Angel Falls, in Venezuela) and one of the largest (Iguaçu Falls, Argentina and Brazil), as well as several other breathtaking natural attractions.

Besides, the work of man has also left rare gems on the continent: ruins of ancient civilizations (Machu Picchu and other Inca cities; the Moais in Easter Island) share the continent with world-class metropolises (São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Caracas, Santiago, Lima and Rio de Janeiro), outstanding modern architecture (Brasilia), European architecture (Buenos Aires), the oldest rock paintings in the Americas (at the Serra da Capivara), strong African heritage (in Salvador, Rio and Montevideo), genuine indigenous (Belém, Manaus, Cuzco, Lima, La Paz), charming cities built in the Andes (Caracas, Medellín, Quito, Santiago de Chile) and Eastern culture (São Paulo’s enormous Japanese community), mingled with the fingerprints of Iberian colonizers. Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city and some of its biggest festivities, such as Rio’s Carnival and Belem’s Cirio de Nazaré, the Tango World Championship, and the Vendimia festival in Argentina, are also part of this incredibly diverse and attractive continent.

My favorite parts was getting to meet all of the travelers from around the world who passed through the hostel either on safari or to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.The volunteer work was incredibly rewarding. There was always plenty of work to do, but we also always had time to play with the kids when we took breaks.

Volunteering in South America

As a volunteer with Projects Abroad, you will have the chance to explore South America and contribute to meaningful volunteer efforts. You can choose from project locations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Argentina. No matter your choice of region or project, you will have an important role to play in disadvantaged communities and your efforts will be a part of long-term change.

Volunteer Programs in South America

Whether you want to volunteer in South America during your gap year, career break, or as a volunteer vacation, Projects Abroad has a program to suit your interests. We have a wide variety of projects on offer, including assisting with the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, teaching children and young adults in Bolivia, learning Spanish in Ecuador, or providing sports coaching for disadvantaged children in Argentina.

Living and Volunteering in South America – What Is It Like?

South America is home to many ancient treasures and ecological wonders. While you do volunteer work in South America, you will also have leisure time allowing you to tour and travel around your assigned region or to other regions. By volunteering with Project Abroad, you will have the opportunity to explore Machu Picchu to better understand the ancient Incas, observe the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, or see the stunning Andean Peaks.

The experience continues from your work and your travels to your living accommodations. Everyone on a volunteer placement with Projects Abroad in South America lives with a host family. You will be welcomed into their home and they will be eager to find out all about you and your life back home. Take plenty of photos with you and be prepared for lots of questions!


Volunteering in South America is an ideal opportunity for you to help others while living in a country with a unique culture and history. In South America, you have the option of working with children in orphanages, care centers, kindergartens, and special needs centers. We also have placements in Bolivia where you can work in rehabilitation centers and homes for the elderly.

As a volunteer in South America, you will take an active role in the lives of children, ranging in age from small babies to teenagers. There is no required training or degree necessary to participate in these South American projects. All you need is a passion and commitment for helping others.

Volunteering at an Orphanage in South America

Volunteering at an orphanage in South America is a fantastic way to help improve others’ lives using whatever skills you have. No matter how much experience you have or what you are passionate about, you can do volunteer work with orphans in South America.

If you choose to volunteer at an orphanage in South America, you will find yourself helping to care for children who are eager for your attention and friendship. Many orphanages have limited resources and staff are often overworked and unable to give the children the individual attention they need. As an extra pair of helping hands, you will be greatly appreciated.

Volunteers can participate in whatever aspect of the orphanage they are interested in. It could be directly interacting with the orphans and doing daily activities with them or doing maintenance work for the actual orphanage. Some activities you could do with the orphans while volunteering in South America are playing games, running educational and creative activities, and teaching basic hygiene.

Volunteering with Children and Adults with Special Needs in South America

In South America, we have placements where you can help care for children or adults with special needs. This is a great way to investigate any interest you may have in pursuing a future in healthcare and working with mentally or physically disabled people while also making a difference.

Most of the children and adults you will be working with need help developing ways of coping with their disabilities. They may also need supervision because they cannot care for themselves. Our special needs volunteers can work in many different placements such as AIDS hospices or schools for the physically handicapped. Children and adults with special needs are grateful for any help, attention, or comfort that you can offer.

Volunteering in a Day Care Center or Kindergarten in South America

Projects Abroad volunteers can also choose to work with children in day care centers or kindergartens in South America. At one of these placements, you will participate in a variety of tasks including helping prepare meals, playing games, helping with homework, or teaching any subjects that will contribute to the children’s educational development. Volunteers can also teach more practical lessons to the children– appropriate person hygiene or personal safety rules and precautions.

Volunteers are welcome to participate in any part of childcare regardless of their background. Childcare in South America is a field that is always in need of volunteers who are interested in care work, have a passion for helping other people, or are enthusiastic about meaningful travel.

Conservation in South America

Contributing to a worthwhile Conservation & Environment project in Peru or Ecuador is perfect for volunteers with an interest in the environment, nature, and travel. You will play an active role in preserving vital ecosystems and you do not need to have an experience or qualifications to participate. You do not even need to speak the local language where you are volunteering. Our Conservation & Environment programs are open to all volunteers, whether you are on a gap year, at university, or wanting a career break.

Conservation in South America – What Is It Like?

From Amazon Rainforest Conservationin Peru, to protecting endangered species in the Galapagos Islands, a variety of conservation and environment-related volunteer opportunities are available.

For high school students interested in volunteering in the field of conservation, Projects Abroad also offers unique High School Specials in Peru and Ecuador. On these 2-4 week programs, teenagers have the opportunity to live in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest or the Galapagos National Park, contributing to vital ongoing projects.

Whatever skills and talents you have, volunteering on a Conservation & Environment project in South America offers a rewarding combination of the new, exciting, and life-changing, as well as the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

My favorite parts was getting to meet all of the travelers from around the world who passed through the hostel either on safari or to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.The volunteer work was incredibly rewarding. There was always plenty of work to do, but we also always had time to play with the kids when we took breaks. My favorite parts was getting to meet all of the travelers from around the world who passed through the hostel either on safari or to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.The volunteer work was incredibly rewarding. There was always plenty of work to do, but we also always had time to play with the kids when we took breaks.


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